Our Expertise

Real Estate

Why Choose BOS?

The real estate industry is always changing which is why we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the sector. Whether you are purchasing your first home, purchasing a range of portfolio properties, looking to purchase a site to develop or looking for another business premises to lease, our Real Estate finance team can support you every step of the way.

Our team can advise you on bridging, development and specialist lenders and borrowers on all aspects of short-term and development real estate funding. With a team that can fully grasp the degree of necessary action, we will advise you with a secure and acute business sense, garnered from a wide range of expertise and willingness to your ventures.

BOS has a dynamic team of real estate lawyers who combine their deep knowledge and experience to provide a first-class service to clients. Our team will provide a sound commercial perspective to save you time and money. BOS recognises the paramount interests of our clients, and we work with you on an agreed strategy – to provide clear, pragmatic and high-quality advice. We advise both public and
private clients including investors and end-users.